The Industry is Abuzz with Talk of Bluetooth Mesh

Posted on July 26, 2017 by Jason Marcel

It’s been one week since the launch of the Bluetooth® mesh networking standard, and across the wireless connectivity industry people are talking about how Bluetooth mesh will shape the next evolution of solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our Members Make It Possible

Our members played a critical role in developing Bluetooth mesh. Some members, like Wireless Cables, Qualcomm, Silicon Labs, and Silvair, are actively promoting this new wireless technology.

A Global Impact

The impact of the new Bluetooth mesh standard was also felt on the other side of the world. APAC publications, including, EETimes Japan, Nikkei Technology –Tetsuo Nozawa, Electronic News, Commercial Times, Digitimes, and Business Next all published comprehensive articles outlining Bluetooth mesh’s capability to enable many-to-many device communications, and how it could lead to big opportunities for Bluetooth in the Industrial IoT market. 

Bluetooth Mesh in the News

Interested in seeing what everyone else is saying about Bluetooth mesh? We’ve compiled several links to third-party publications. Read what the industry thinks about Bluetooth mesh networking.

Jason Marcel

Jason Marcel

Jason is a Senior Marketing Copywriter with Bluetooth SIG who specializes in translating technical information into easy-to-read content. He enjoys sharing stories that show how people are using Bluetooth technology to shape our wireless way of life.

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