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Posted on April 16, 2013 by Jeroen Gaudissabois

It is the 15th anniversary of the Bluetooth® Special Interest Group (SIG) and when the name "Bluetooth" was adopted. A lot can happen in fifteen years including Bluetooth going from an innovative rarity to a pervasive wireless technology we all know and use every day.

One of the areas we’ve seen Bluetooth technology become the standard is sports and fitness. In the last 15 years, our member companies introduced a myriad of devices to help us train harder and smarter. In honor of our anniversary, here’s a list of fifteen of those Bluetooth enabled devices and application to spice up your workout and improve your game.

Nike+ Fuelband (

  1. Nike+ Fuelband—the Nike+ Fuelband, a Bluetooth Smart enabled bracelet, monitors your activity and feeds information to an app on your smartphone. By setting goals for daily activity, you’re sure to move exactly as much as you planned, or even more. Get Fueled
  2. MapMyFitness—one of the Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards finalists, this app is a one-stop-shop for setting up an integrated workout program. The app supports a large number of Bluetooth enabled sports trackers and shows your results, schedules and even nutrition. Map Your Fitness
  3. GOW by Weartech—GOW is based on a Bluetooth Smart connection between a smart piece of sports clothing and a monitoring app on your phone. The smart fabric sends feedback to help optimize your training efforts. Ready to GOW?
  4. Wahoo RFLKT—love cycling? Then the Wahoo RFLKT is perfect. This iPhone powered bike computer uses Bluetooth Smart to relay all the data on your ride to the screen. Love to Ride?

    Nike+ Hyperdunk basketball shoes (
  5. Nike+ Hyperdunk—Bluetooth technology in shoes? This Bluetooth Smart basketball shoe tracks your game and provides real-time feedback and coaching. Slam Dunk the Funk
  6. Adidas MiCoach—does your heart race at the mere thought of playing sports? Accurately measure performance with the MiCoach. Get Coached
  7. Jaybird Bluebuds X—add a little “Eye of the Tiger” to your workouts. With eight hours of battery life, secure in-ear fit and Liquipel sweat repellant technology to stop the music from slipping away, these headphones are purely designed for sports and fitness. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

    Polar Wearlink+ Transmitter (
  8. Polar Wearlink+ Transmitter—this personal training partner measures your heart rate and adapts to your body shape so won’t even know it is there. Get Comfortable
  9. Cardo BK-1 Bluetooth Cycling Communication and Entertainment System—this Bluetooth headset sits naturally on your helmet and controls your smartphone features with voice control—your hands never leave the handlebars. Stay Safe
  10. Motorola MOTOActiv (GPS/Tracker Bracelet)—love running but have an awful sense of direction? The Motorola MOTOTActiv bracelet may be the only thing standing between you and an involuntarily survival mission in the woods. Don't Get Lost

    The Fitbit Flex and app in action (
  11. Fitbit Flex—Fitbit Flex tracks activity and inactivity; it tells your phone how far you’ve walked, or ran or cycled and how long or well you’ve slept. Get Fit
  12. Jabra Sports Headset—the Jabra Sports headset allows you to stay connected and listen to your favorite tunes—all while doing your favorite workout or sport. Stay Connected
  13. SwingTIP—SwingTIP improves your golf skills effortlessly by providing swing data instantly to your Bluetooth Smart Ready device. Review swing performance metrics: club speed, swing path, club face angle and more. Get Into the Swing
  14. BodyMedia—a personal coach is great when trying to lose weight but a 24/7 personal coach that fits in your pocket is even better! The BodyMedia tracker bracelet gives you personalized feedback for maximum effect! Strap Up

    Withings Smart Body Analyzer (
  15. Withings Smart Body Analyzer—more than just a scale, it tracks your heart rate, oxygen levels and body composition—all the information needed to adjust your workout schedule. Weigh In

These are just a few of the Bluetooth enabled sports and fitness products on the market, with more coming every day. As we discovered, Bluetooth technology motivates, tracks and analyzes activity and improves your skills. Tell us which of these devices would be your ideal training buddy or tell us about your favorite sports and fitness device. We want to hear from you.


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